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The AllanKey Solution - Hypnosis for Lasting Freedom From Anxiety


Anxiety Is Different For Everybody You Can Now Choose A Service Based On Your Preferences and Budget

Discovery Call Consultation


15 minutes

You can schedule a call with our members to discuss your anxiety issue and have your questions and concerns answered. You are safe and your confidentiality will be respected. Making good decisions requires having all the facts.

Anxiety Relief

Group Sessions


Group Session

Our Group Session is Intended to provide a safe place to release your daily stress and anxiety. On-line and from the comfort of your home. Even if you have never been hypnotized, you will still walk away relaxed.

Practice Rooms


The practice room is a place to practice with your instructor. If you have been invited to the practice session, you can simply go ahead and book here based on your time zone.


Coaching for Business or Personal


60-90 Minutes

A personalized coaching session tailored for either business professionals or private individuals. For $250, the session lasts between 60 to 90 minutes and is designed to address specific goals and challenges.

Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping)


1-Hour Session

EFT is well known for help with trauma and emotional upheavals. Some people want to simply tap with an experienced facilitator since they can not find their own words when tapping. We will help you to let go of physical and emotional pain using this method.

Past or Future Life


Per Regression

Many issues can be solved in a past life regression. This a hypnosis session. Many can also bring comfort in exploring your future life. The altimate goal is to have an experience in hypnosis that brings a resolution for you.




pricing options available

Anxiety is stress that has built up over time to the point where your mind loops into unwanted stories about your future. While individual sessions are available, multiple sessions are recommended for success




pricing options available

Driving Anxiety is due to something that happened to you. Most of the time it has little to do with driving. It may be from your childhood or from a memory that got stored in you somehow. It is a process in which most clients feel great after less than 6 sessions




pricing options available

Your anxiety is affecting you in such a way that if affects your quality of life. Lets tackle it so that it no longer interferes. Many times it is something that happened in childhood or when grief and trauma were introduced at an early age. In hypnosis we can resolve without having to relive the trauma or grief.

Self-Hypnosis Course



All Downloads

Priced at $189, this is a digital course offering downloads that include an introduction to hypnosis concepts, programming for self-hypnosis, and two programs designed to enhance prosperity and health.

Self-Hypnosis Course



2-3 hours zoom

A live interactive course via a 2-3 hour Zoom session for $250. It includes the same introductory download as the recorded course and a live group session limited to 15 participants, providing a more engaging and community-based learning experience.




A course aimed at natural vision improvement consisting of 4 sessions that focus on the emotional components to vision loss. Potentially retrain the eyes to see more naturally. Includes exercises and hypnosis.




45 minutes - 1 hour

You create your reality. Your mind will show you what is in front of you. It will reveal things in forms of pictures and symbols. If you like what is there, then leave it. If it does not feel right you can alter it by changing it. This is an interactive session and not hypnosis.




Minimum 6 session rquired

Weight management starts with a solid foundation of loving and accepting self. We do not endorse a specific eating style. It is not a diet. When you change the way you feel about yourself you will start to eat and exercise more. Includes Hypnosis and EFT




An immersive retreat experience with details on events and location to be advised. This program is designed to provide a transformative and rejuvenating experience away from daily life.

EFT Prosperity



per month

A monthly subscription program for $20 that addresses different life issues of not enough through EFT. The program focuses on money issues , and blocks holding you back.




20 sessions to be used over 1 year

A year-long support program with a retainer fee of $2,800. It includes 20 sessions to be utilized over the course of a year for issues such as weight, motivation, or general well-being and must be used within 12 months.


and Events


An immersive retreat experience with details on events and location to be advised. This program is designed to provide a transformative and rejuvenating experience away from daily life.

Evening of Fun - Live Event

Evening May 23

Regain Your Eye Sight Naturally

Edithvale Community Centre- Dempsey Room 1st Floor: 131 Finch Avenue West North York (Toronto)

Vision issues can indeed be concerning, causing feelings of anxiety, loneliness, and helplessness as eyesight deteriorates. The costs associated with changing eye-wear prescriptions yearly can also be a burden.

I personally understand these challenges as I've experienced them myself. One pivotal moment for me was attending a lecture on natural eyesight, where I learned about the profound impact our thoughts have on our perception of the world.

As a certified hypnotherapist and coach, I specialize in helping individuals take charge of their health, including addressing vision concerns without medication. I'd like to offer suggestions on how you can independently manage your vision and how shifting your mindset can positively influence it. If you have questions or need guidance, I'm here to help.

Allan has a diverse career spanning energy work, real estate sales, coaching, and hypnosis since the late 90s. He uses tools like the pendulum to assist clients in overcoming limiting beliefs and achieving success. His approach is holistic and focused on empowering individuals to move forward in life.


"I took the session because I thought a "review" was what I needed.

WOW it was so much more than that. It was GREAT THANK YOU."

Oksana M. Sawiak DDS.(Ret) IMD. MAGD, AIAOMT.

Wellness Consultant, Author, Lecturer,

"The Health Detective" - We Heal Lives

Sawiak Integrative Wellness Institute


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