About Us

Hello! My name is Allan and I am known as the Mind Alchemist.

I lived most of my youth and teenage years living my life in fear. My parents taught me well. They told me never to talk back, never to rock the boat, and never to take chances. As a result, I stayed in jobs I did not like for a long time. I felt resentful for not asking for a raise which I felt I deserved. I ended up in relationships that fell apart. I thought I was broken and would hope that my life would be short. I felt alone and could not share my feelings of shame even amongst family and friends. Maybe I needed to lose my job and my marriage to end to break free but I also knew I could not continue as before.

I learned about the power of the mind and the law of attraction. I decided that I needed to take responsibility for myself and live my dreams as I knew them to be true for me. I started to put my life together very quickly. I got a great job, met the most wonderful woman and my finances soared. To think that for the first 35 years, my life really sucked, and then within 12 months I was happy.

What made total sense to me is that every problem in my life was based on a story I continuously told myself. I learned that if I did not like something I could simply refocus my attention on what I did want and it would happen. As I got better I also learned techniques to support me. The same techniques which I use today with my clients. They include Silva Method, Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Quantum Touch, Breath Work, and many more.

Fast forward to today. I am okay with who I am. I like myself. I love helping people and enjoy travel and adventure. I go with the flow and do not act or react to the chaos. I continue to work and study not because I have to but because people and experiences bring me joy.

I am grateful to Jo-Anne Eadie, director of the Canadian Hypnosis Academy for inviting me to a hypnosis conference many years back. I have met so many wonderful teachers in the MMHA academy. I have been certified by the Jacquin Academy and Simpson Protocol. Every day brings so much joy to me as I see people get better and better.

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